He immediately goes after her, like an ox to the slaughter.

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Our neighborhood has many old buildings.

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I am not any more foolish than you are.

The heart is a muscle.

It's going to help you.


That's terrifying.


Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?

He is a quiet person.

Wendell will be a college student next spring.


What does Judge eat for lunch?


There are torches that do not need batteries. Some are charged by shaking them, some by cranking a handle and others by repeatedly pressing a lever.


I knew who he probably was.

Our family budget is in the red.

He was late, as always.

Do you think Dad will change his mind?

Did you talk to your classmates yesterday?

That's a good movie, too.

To a large extent this is a healthy attitude to have.

You know I'm very stubborn.

Her career was rich and exciting.


I think List is rude.


The scientists used nanoparticles.

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He lives on his country estate.

Much to my surprise, my song appealed to many young people.

Circle in red pencil.

We are working for world peace.

She was busy with her knitting.

We had to stop because of the heavy rain.

Jane almost never buys chocolate bars.

Would you do me the honor of accompanying me tonight?

Trousers of today sit much lower on the waist than they did centuries ago.


Sanand believes Arne made the right choice.

Stay there for a moment.

That stove smokes too much.

Are you still afraid something might happen?

He has a hard time remembering names.

Gale retires next spring.

That's something I never do after lunch.

Bruce said there was nothing to worry about.

This is way I am refusing the offer.

I like ice cream.

She has made great progress recently.


Enjoy your stay in Boston.


What is it you kids do?

Adrian never went to see Sam again.

Our teacher is always cool.

The countryside is beautiful.

I refused for personal reasons.

It took just over three hours to finish that job.

Europa is a moon of Jupiter.

This car is Polly's.

It's very hot.

It's unlikely Shai will know what to do.

A boy can dream, right?

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I wrote five letters before I went to bed.

Willie was a coach.

What's gone wrong?

I lived in Boston last year.

You should be more careful of what you speak.

The boy didn't have an appetite.

What Hans really wanted to eat was chocolate pudding.


Tuna is quite patient, isn't he?

A prisoner has escaped.

You didn't seem to want that book.

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Boyce wants way too much money.

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Elias left his wallet on the table.


"You hit me out of hate." "No, I hit you out of love," answered the girl.

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Delbert hasn't been paying attention to the teacher.

Why didn't someone help him?

You can't get rid of it.

He milked the cow.

I've been to the supermarket.

Arthur doesn't want to wait for you.

I'll be reading a book.


The boy threw a stone.


It was he who broke the window yesterday.

If Joachim hadn't invited me, I wouldn't have come.

Will that key unlock this drawer?

You should visit Boston.

She's wide awake.

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I must tell them.

That's too much of a good thing.

He happened to be there.

Busy with my work, I had no time to write to you.

I was a child, I remember, my mother would rock me in the cradle.


The broken doll is mine.

You must save Ernest.

Dan proved Linda's guilt with an audio recording.

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I know Srinivasan is watching me.

Ted is a real hothead.

This car runs on natural gas.


You're all wrong.

We can rely on his judgement.

I can do something for him, but you can't.

What more could a girl ask for?

I would like to go and have a drink.

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Maureen is away on a trip.

Mr Dupont doesn't want to work with me anymore.

I think Ann was joking.

Maybe Anna didn't see Cristina.

Just let the woman go.

The accident happened on a side street.

I'm pretty sure that Slartibartfast hasn't finished his homework yet.

Their party won the most votes in the election.

Edward didn't know how to treat his employees right.

Ross hardly ever wears green.

Don't talk to them.

I hope this medicine works.

Not anybody likes this book.

He doesn't seem to be breathing...

The town was exactly the same as before.

What else did Benjamin get?

The industrialist found a wealthy financier to help him weather the storm which was inevitable.

Graham is a very good cook.

She has not replied.

What are you doing in there?

I'll get him to carry this case upstairs.


I'll see to it that Raghu does his homework.

It might've been Moore who sent you these flowers.

Who ate my cake that I'd put in the fridge?

Maria didn't realize that Dory was lying.

Love John.

Washington is the capital of the United States.

Piotr is still uncertain about whether to go to college or not.


I told you I was just joking.

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I don't care what's happened.

Which do you like better, skating or skiing?

The tree is burning.

You don't look too happy.

I'm finicky.

I think perhaps you should call Butler.

I'd do almost anything.

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I wish she'd stop smoking.

When was the last time you celebrated Christmas with your whole family?

If I should be late, start dinner without me.


Is it true you addressed the manager in Chinese?

The cows grant us their milk, and the chickens grant us their eggs.

She used to love him.

Angela and Vice don't like the same kind of food.

"... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!"


When my mom finds out, she won't be happy.

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Scary movies will frighten the children.

We can't lie to her.

Stephanie is a fine violinist.

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The pies are still cooking.

At first, everything seemed difficult.

Sanity just doesn't know what to do.

The cold weather kept us indoors.

The document bore his signature.

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Dan wants to be a dictator.


He is right in a sense.

He was pop-eyed with surprise.

The children played blind man's buff.

I had the feeling that Irvin wasn't going to be here.

I just can't live without you.

The man who looks like me standing next to my sister is my twin brother.

I can't believe Ron ate the whole thing.

Dan is the best in Tatoeba.

Happy birthday, Grandpa.

I think I get the general idea.

Maybe we shouldn't have told Rajendra about what happened to Neil.

The actress seems to have walked through her part.

I'll join you guys in a minute.